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Driver Training

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Ready to drive like a pro? Fox Professional Driver Training Centers offers a wide range of driver training programs including classes 1-3, air brakes, defensive and off road driving. We have everything you need to become a professional driver and improve the driving performance of your personnel.

Industry & Safety Training

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Fox Professional Group of Companies offers a wide range of safety and industry training including first aid, mobile equipment and heavy equipment. We are a global leader in online and instructor lead industry training. Fox Professional is a one stop shop for the training needs of the individual worker and the employer.

Drug Testing & Tracking

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Are you ready for work? Does your company need reliable, accurate drug testing? Would your organization benefit from a database managed tracking system for drug test results? We offer drug testing and database managed tracking services for individuals and companies in the US, Canada and internationally. Our staff is DETIA certified.

Corporate Development

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Every company needs soft skill development and ongoing training to increase performance, enhance communication, improve work place health and safety and promote team building. We offer a wide range of programs to help your organization meet its goals and create a positive workplace.


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A global leader in blended learning and company or project specific learning management tracking systems in the oil & gas industry. PetroEd provides instructor lead, proctored online training and regular online training. We currently serve over 180,000 users per year.

Self Development


Are you looking to increase your skill set and take on new challenges? Are you ready to become the professional you were meant to be? Fox Professional Group of Companies self-development and corporate development programs are what you need to take it to the next level.